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Databerry, Inc. Builds New Website for Not-for-Profit Group

Jan 16 2014

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Boca Raton, FL – January 18, 2014 – Databerry, Inc., a Boca Raton-based web development firm, recently made a huge contribution to a local youth organization in the form of a top-of-the-line website. The website, designed for Above and Beyond, gives the organization new abilities to reach out to middle school, high school, and beginning college students in hopes of teaching them self-worth and how to be contributing members of society. By using state-of-the-art industry design and development techniques, Databerry has given the organization a greater shot to be found online and to provide a constant source of outreach for the group’s growing membership.

That’s a benefit Jared Haggerty, CEO of Databerry, Inc., says the company is extremely excited about. “This is a new and exciting opportunity for Databerry to develop a fun, non-profit, community-driven website for young people,” Haggerty says. In an increasingly tech-linked world, having a great website is the best way for not-for-profit groups, like Above and Beyond, to harness the power of the internet, both for recruiting members and spreading their message. With more than nine years of experience in web development, there are few better places the organization could have turned to.

As far as Databerry, Inc. is concerned, this is another major milestone in their chain of recent successes. The company’s Oracle development services are increasingly popular, but this latest effort to contribute and give back to the world is something Haggerty and the rest of the Databerry team are especially proud of. “This charity is extremely important to us and helping the youth of today and tomorrow succeed in the difficult world that we live in,” Haggerty passionately states. “We are doing this purely to help them succeed in their endeavors to help the youth of today and tomorrow.”

If anything can equal the Databerry team’s pride over the soon to be launched website, it’s the way that Ken Mahan, CEO of Above and Beyond, feels about the site and what it will mean to his organization’s efforts to strengthen youth of various ages. That, more than anything, is what the Databerry team wanted when they took on the project.

Databerry, Inc. is located at 399 NW Boca Raton Blvd. Suite 208 Boca Raton, FL 33432. For more information, contact the company at 855.350.0707, visit their website at www.databerry.com, or contact the sales team at sales@databerry.com.

Company Name: Databerry, Inc.
Contact Name: Patricia Dillion
Phone Number: 855.350.0707
Email Address: sales@databerry.com
Company Website: www.databerry.com



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