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1800-BLINDS Celebrates its Best Month Ever

Dec 14 2013

Cafe blinds

Leumeah, New South Wales – Dec 4, 2013 – Over the last year, 1800-BLINDS has initiated changes in their management practices in an effort to spur growth. The recent slump in blind installation trade motivated 1800-BLINDS to take a closer look at itself and work to build a leaner organization that emphasizes the importance of the customer experience. As a result, October 2013 proved to be the company’s best month ever, with a 107% revenue increase from the same month last year. Since the instituted changes, 1800-BLINDS has seen a 20% increase in overall average sale amount, and a 4% margin increase.

Managing Director Dean Matthews feels that customer feedback has played an important role in these improvements. “All of our decisions have been made by simply listening to our customers expectations and trying our best to deliver upon or exceed them,” he said. 1800-BLINDS works to set itself apart by offering a great combination of competitive prices, a broader product choice for consumers, and a cost-effective marketing strategy that yields better than average results. As the numbers show, that plan has proven to be quite successful.

Matthews believes that employee training has played significant role as well. “Staff training has also had an impact on the business creating a higher level of customer service and a better buying experience for 1800-BLINDS customers,” he explains. Without that, the huge success of October might not have been possible, and it has helped to prove that, as Matthews states, “the tides are turning.”

Though Matthews is happy with the company’s achievements in what is still a challenging business environment, he recognizes that there are still improvements to be made. In the future, 1800-BLINDS will look to build on current success by further improving both product lines and customer service. That should continue to enhance the buying experience, and lead to more record-setting months.

“I’m so pleased that our customers have rewarded us for our efforts by choosing 1800-BLINDS above our competitors,” he says. “We will continue to strive to meet and exceed their expectations.” If that happens, continued growth certainly seems attainable.

Company Name: 1800-Blinds
Contact Name: Dean Matthews
Phone Number: 1800-254-637
Email Address: web@1800blinds.com.au
Company Website: www.1800blinds.com.au



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1800-Blinds Enhances Customer Service with Launch of All-New Website

Nov 05 2013

Outdoor plantation shutters

Leumeah, NSW – November 4, 2013 – 1800-Blinds retired its two-year-old website in October in favor of an all new one designed to better meet customer needs. The new page launched on 8th October and was produced by Tech Tricks.

Visitors to the site are now greeted by a home page featuring each of the company’s major product categories as well as a contact form for those interested in a callback. Perhaps the most engaging aspect of the new site, however, is its organization of 1800-Blind’s inventory. From the homepage, interested buyers can select a category, choosing between blinds, awnings, roller shutter, plantation shutters, and doors and screens, each of which is broken down further into more specific categories.

Dean Matthews, the managing director of 1800-Blinds alluded to this change when he explained, “We decided to create a new website so we could add much more information online to showcase our range of blinds and products and create an ‘Encyclopaedia of Blinds’ of sorts. This way, people looking for blinds can educate themselves on their uses and functions.” Mathews’ dream was actualized, judging by the extensive options available to site users. Within the “blinds” category alone, there are six subcategories, two of which have even further subcategories.

In addition to viewing detailed descriptions of 1800-Blinds’ products, users can also visit the site to read the company’s blog, learn about promotions, catch up on the latest news, and read more about the company.

1800-Blinds is headquartered at 167 Airds Road in Leumeah, NSW. For more information about its products and services, visit the newly updated www.1800blinds.com.au or call 1-800-254-637.



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Wichman Landscape Construction Has a Passion for Great Results

Oct 16 2013

Landscape designing

Jeff Wichman, the owner of Wichman Landscape Construction, LLC in Pittsburgh, PA has been serving his community through landscape design for 13 years. We had a chance to talk with him about his company’s ups, downs, and plans for the future.

Mr. Wichman, there are a number of different types of landscaping companies in the Pittsburgh area alone. Would you please tell us about what makes Wichman Landscape Construction special?

Wichman Landscape Construction has both a residential and a commercial landscaping division. We are slowly growing the commercial division with our primary focus being on the residential work which includes backyard patio design, driveways and pavers, retaining walls, ponds and waterfalls and outdoor kitchens and patios.

That’s a very interesting niche! How did you settle into that particular area of landscaping?

I suppose I gravitated toward hardscape design over time. Stonework is the foundation of any well designed landscaping installation. It is through the use of stone that you are able to create beautiful and long lasting exterior environments that families can enjoy for decades.

Your business has almost been around for over a decade. Were there any times you wanted to give up?

Running your own business requires perseverance. You need to be able to get through the setbacks and have the long term vision in mind and keep working toward it. I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to give up and move to a new business though.

Your perseverance seems to have paid off! What’s been the most rewarding part of running your own company so far?

I think being able to implement your business vision and execute the work in the manner that is most efficient and makes the most sense to you. Everybody has their own system and we’ve all been in a situation where we were doing it somebody else’s way and thought it could be done better. Running your own company gives you the freedom to do it your way.

Your way seems to be an effective way to do things. Where do you see your business going in the next several years?

We are really glad we made the move away from general lawn care toward hardscaping. It is a physical product with a long life so it is fulfilling to be able to see the fruits of our labor years and years down the road. We’ll continue to focus on hardscaping and grow our crews gradually to meet the local demand for our work.

Wichman Landscape Construction, LLC certainly seems on track for many more years of success. To learn more about Mr. Wichman’s business, visit www.wichmanlandscape.com



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An Interview with Kerri Spayd, Owner of All Area Appliance Repair

Sep 19 2013

Washing machine repair costs

During our interview with All Area Appliance Repair owner Kerri Spayd explained why running a small business has been beneficial for her family in more ways than one.

Can you tell us why you and your husband decided to start your own appliance repair company?

Kerry Spayd: We started the business so I could work from home and raise our kids, and as an additional source of income due to layoffs at my husband’s employer.

What can you tell us about All Area Appliance Repair?

Kerry Spayd: We are a family owned and operated appliance repair company focused on building lasting relationships with our customers.

How did you end up finding the right niche?

Kerry Spayd: Our niche is combining customer service with honesty and integrity. We strive to provide our customers with honest and accurate service information. We would rather tell a customer to replace an appliance that’s not cost effective to repair than to repair it. Our technicians try to be personable, knowledgeable and on time.

Let’s dive into your and your husband’s background and work history. What can you tell us about that?

Kerry Spayd: I grew up in the repair industry as most of my family operates appliance repair companies and I assisted with day to day operations for my father’s company. While attending college, I worked through Federal Express’s leadership and management program which gave me a solid base for my management style. My husband is a certified Aircraft Maintenance Technician, and his 10 years of service with airplane mechanics and avionics was his base for becoming an appliance repair technician.

My husband mentored with several appliance technicians who had a combined 85 years of appliance repair experience. Eric has attended Appliance Service Training Institute, OEM Technical Training as well as training courses for Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool, LG and many more. We are members of the United Servicers Association and the Better Business Bureau.

Do you have a business plan?

Kerry Spayd: We started with a business plan that included incorporating the company and structuring so that we could provide full benefits to our employees. We sought out resources such as buying groups, leasing programs and trade associations and instituted employee incentive programs.

What is the most rewarding part for you when it comes to running your own business?

Kerry Spayd: The most rewarding part of running my own business is knowing I am instilling a strong work ethic in my children. Everyone in the family has to step it up if someone’s out sick or has an emergency, and my kids get to see first hand what it takes to operate a successful company.

Finally, what has been the biggest challenge for you along the way?

Kerry Spayd: Finding time to balance work and family is an ongoing challenge as we work from home typically seven days a week. We make an effort to take time off away from home to spend quality time with our kids.

For over a decade, All Area Appliance Repair has been providing excellent service to its clients in and around Hampton, Georgia. To find out more about this business and how it can benefit you, visit www.allareaappliancerepair.com



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