15 Pro Thrifting Tips – Best Financial Magazine

Stay open-minded

This will allow you to change the look and style of this item.

Check out the men’s apparel

Menswear is usually cheaper than women’s.

Test It Out

Try it even if you aren’t a fan.

Base Layer

You can wear a fitting base layer to try on clothes while not changing.

Examine the Discard Rack

These racks can hold some extraordinary items.


Wear shoes to test them out and try the shoes as you browse the clothes.

Stock Days

Discover when new stock is made available.

Check Affluent Neighborhoods

These are more expensive, generally designer clothes.


Using cash can help you negotiate.


Keep it simple.


Take a close look at the item to look for wear marks.


If you’re new to the market then shop first online.

These tips can help you buy new clothing at incredible price.


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