1800-BLINDS Celebrates its Best Month Ever

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Leumeah, New South Wales – Dec 4, 2013 – Over the last year, 1800-BLINDS has initiated changes in their management practices in an effort to spur growth. The recent slump in blind installation trade motivated 1800-BLINDS to take a closer look at itself and work to build a leaner organization that emphasizes the importance of the customer experience. As a result, October 2013 proved to be the company’s best month ever, with a 107% revenue increase from the same month last year. Since the instituted changes, 1800-BLINDS has seen a 20% increase in overall average sale amount, and a 4% margin increase.

Managing Director Dean Matthews feels that customer feedback has played an important role in these improvements. “All of our decisions have been made by simply listening to our customers expectations and trying our best to deliver upon or exceed them,” he said. 1800-BLINDS works to set itself apart by offering a great combination of competitive prices, a broader product choice for consumers, and a cost-effective marketing strategy that yields better than average results. As the numbers show, that plan has proven to be quite successful.

Matthews believes that employee training has played significant role as well. “Staff training has also had an impact on the business creating a higher level of customer service and a better buying experience for 1800-BLINDS customers,” he explains. Without that, the huge success of October might not have been possible, and it has helped to prove that, as Matthews states, “the tides are turning.”

Though Matthews is happy with the company’s achievements in what is still a challenging business environment, he recognizes that there are still improvements to be made. In the future, 1800-BLINDS will look to build on current success by further improving both product lines and customer service. That should continue to enhance the buying experience, and lead to more record-setting months.

“I’m so pleased that our customers have rewarded us for our efforts by choosing 1800-BLINDS above our competitors,” he says. “We will continue to strive to meet and exceed their expectations.” If that happens, continued growth certainly seems attainable.

Company Name: 1800-Blinds
Contact Name: Dean Matthews
Phone Number: 1800-254-637
Email Address: web@1800blinds.com.au
Company Website: www.1800blinds.com.au



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