An Interview With Pro Tool Warehouse Managing Partner Derek Griffin

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We recently had a chance to interview Derek Griffin, managing partner of Pro Tool Warehouse, during which we were learned a bit about his background and the business that he manages.

Why did you decide to start up your own business?

Derek Griffin: Pro tool warehouse was an expansion of an existing business. We had started as a niche site for professional torque tools a few years before, and that had done very well. We wanted to expand our reach and include professional tools across all categories, and not just torque. We had an established strong relationship with snap-on industrial brands, and we know we would be supported by them in developing a new website and growing our distributor business.

Can you describe your business to us?

Derek Griffin: We are a tool distribution company, selling several lines of professional tools to end users. Our customers are mostly business buyers from a variety of industries including energy, manufacturing, construction and aerospace. We also sell to military bases and other governmental agencies.

Did you have a business plan? If so, have you ever had to change course?

Derek Griffin: We followed a proven strategy of creating a professional online presence that is defined by a strong design and brand identity, and an engaging user experience. We know that having a credible looking website gives buyers the confidence to place their order online and that the industrial market there is a ton of competition, but many distributors do not invest heavily in their web strategy the way that we do.

Derek Griffin is the managing partner of Pro tool warehouse, which has been supplying its customers with high end tools for more than three years. Interested in learning more about the company? Please visit online at

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