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t or grime that has build up in the glass due to the course of. Once the glass is clean and clear, you can repair any damage.

If the glass has been damaged or chipped, it’s likely to require replacement. One way to do this is to utilize lead for repair of the damage. You could cut pieces of lead to repair damage. Once the glass is installed, you can solder it in place with the lead-free solder.

The lead used to hold the glass together will have to be repaired or replaced if it is broken. To connect the fresh leads, make use of lead-free solder. An alternative is copper foil tape. It is wrapped around the edges of the lead strip that is damaged and then soldered in place.

After all damages have been addressed, the final step in any stained glass restoration project is to finish the project. There are two options: either applying a clear sealant to the whole piece or a patina that gives the glass an aged appearance. Include this in your home DIY project guide!

The Landscape Your Yard

Landscape design is often a staple within a home DIY guide. It’s a lot of exciting and enjoyable to design and landscape your home. You can approach landscaping in various ways. Therefore, it is essential to think about your individual preferences. However, there are a handful of basic rules that all homeowners should remember when planning to landscape their property.

The first step is to select plants best suited to your particular climate. There aren’t identical plants for every climate. This is why it’s crucial to conduct extensive research before selecting the plants you want to plant. In selecting your plants, you should consider how much sunlight your yard is exposed to.

It’s also crucial to think about the maintenance required to your plants. Some plants need greater care that others. Be certain to choose plants will be able to take maintain. The result could be an ugly yard that you don’t possess the time nor the energy to take care of.


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