Get the News Right From the Source Right from the AP

Ap wire services

When it comes to news, you should not take things lightly. There is a lot going on in the world, and it seems that as soon as we hear about one thing, three others have happened. That is why your news should come from a reliable source that updates every second that news is happening. The news is far too important to simply wait for a five o’clock broadcast every day, or a morning paper.

To make sure that you are getting the most up to date news, look for a free press release list that features global press releases. On that list you will find the Associated Press news wire. By subscribing and regularly reading the Associated Press news wires, you can know for sure that you have reached the source of all other news, and will never need to look at another news source again.

The Associated Press news wire has been around since 1846. The origin story goes that five New York City newspapers joined forces in order to fund a Pony Express route that ran through Alabama. They wanted this route established because it would bring news of the Mexican War up north much more quickly than the United States Post Office was delivering it at the time. Thus, the Associated Press was formed.

From there they have been the leading source in the breaking stories that the world has seen. They were the first to report on the assassination of President Lincoln, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the fall of the Shah of Iran, and even the death of Pope John Paul. They have reporters everywhere, covering everything, just waiting to make press releases on whatever could be happening next.

With their crack reporting and instant press releases, the rest of the world gains access to the most important news. In fact, most of the news reports you see, and articles that you read, come from the press releases provided by the AP. You can recognize the articles as coming from the Associated Press because they will have an AP next to the name of the author. So, skip the middlemen of other news organizations and just get your news straight from the most reliable source.

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