How Granite Countertop Installation Works – Vacuum Storage

Think about installing granite countertops yourself. Granite countertop installation is simple when you have the right equipment. The tools you’ll need are and supplies to set up granite countertops. In the beginning, you’ll have to measure the area where you’ll install the countertops. The measurements you take will help you to estimate the quantity of granite you’ll require.

Once you have the countertops made of granite now, you can install the countertops. Begin by making a mark on the surface that you’ll use to install the countertops. The first step is to place the slab of granite in the area you have marked. Next, mark the reverse of the granite countertop by using a hammer as well as a Chisel. This helps the granite bond with adhesive. Next, apply a generous amount of adhesive onto the surface of the granite countertop. It is important to apply it evenly. Place the second slab of granite on it and then press it down. Continue the process until you have all granite countertops in place. The adhesive should dry minimum of 24 hours before you start using the countertops.


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