Using Any Other News Than the Associated Press Is Just a Waste of Time

News wire service

When you think of news agencies, you probably think of your local news, or perhaps the city newspaper that comes out. And they are reliable sources, sure, for what they have to offer. But where do you think your city newspaper gets its news about conflicts happening in Syria or coupes in Egypt? I certainly do not think a tiny little city has the resources to have reporters scattered across the globe. But there is a news organization that does have its reporters located all over. That organization is the leader in its field, and it is known as the Associated Press.

The way that the Associated Press works is by sharing what it finds. The AP has its reporters everywhere, who then put out AP press releases when they get news. Those press releases get sent out to all of the major news organizations in the country, who then filter it down to the smaller groups. The AP is the ultimate source for world news that the United States has, reporting on everything in up to date releases.

But they do not always just put out the news. You can also find AP wire photos with lots of the stories that they provide. Often in the newspaper or online, underneath a photo on a news story, you will see it accredited to the Associated Press. Almost everywhere they have reporters across the globe, they have photographers as well. Sometimes they are one and the same.

The Associated Press is just not relegated to global news. They also provide a lot of the breaking stories right here in America. In fact, many of the stories coming to us even in national news come from things like the AP wire news, or even as specific as the AP sports wire.

The Associated Press covers any and all news. Some reporters for the AP work only with specific content, like the aforementioned AP sports wire, but others will report on anything going on at their present location. The beauty of the Associated Press is that your news is coming straight from the source. No need to wait for it to filter through a handful of news organizations before it gets to you.

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