We Interview John Brendan Ebert, Esq., Owner of Pennsylvania Criminal Defense, P.C.

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What can you tell us about your law firm’s history and focus?

John Brendan Ebert: My company was formed in 1979 and I have been practicing law since October, 1977. The focus of my practice has been on criminal and civil defense matters along with family law matters.

Please tells us about your credentials.

John Brendan Ebert: I am part of the legal profession and a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (PACDL), the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), American Bar Association, Pennsylvania Bar Association, Philadelphia Bar Association and the Gloucester County Bar Association.

Do you take courses, even after being a practicing attorney since 1977?

John Brendan Ebert: I take a minimum of 12-16 CLE (continuing law education) credits in PA and NJ each year. I will normally acquire these credits all at one time, as I take two to three days to attend these functions.

What are the main services that Pennsylvania Criminal Defense, P.C. provides?

John Brendan Ebert: For criminal matters, our services include representation from the point of arrest through the conclusion of trial and/or all appeals.

What does your job mostly entail?

John Brendan Ebert: I am often called upon to surrender a client when there is a warrant out for his/her arrest, which I arrange around the needs of my client.

Are there any particular company success stories that spring to mind?

John Brendan Ebert: I have never had a client convicted after a trial-by-jury in a rape case, and have never had a client sentenced to the death penalty.

What kind of goals do you have in mind for your office over the next few years?

John Brendan Ebert: The goal of my office is to increase in size each year through successful representation of each client, whom I represent as though his/her case was the most important in my office.

Has the growth of technology and the internet changed how you conduct your business?

John Brendan Ebert: I used to conduct business through an answering service, followed by voicemail, beeper and on to cellular phone technology. I am now able to reply immediately to clients questions or concerns.

Finally, how do you go about marketing your law firm?

John Brendan Ebert: I originally used the telephone book yellow pages to do my advertising. I currently use online advertising with great success and with cost efficiency.

If you are interested in learning more about Pennsylvania Criminal Defense, and its services, please visit online at www.pennsylvaniacriminaldefense.com, or call 215.569.5000.



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